Opportunities and challenges for SMEs in the North Sea Region: desk study

This desk study reports on the drivers of and barriers to the adoption and exploitation of Industry 4.0 technology by industrial SMEs. It also examines the specific issues facing the North Sea regions and the support that is in place to facilitate increased uptake. The report is compiled from major consultancy and government as well as regional reports on the subject of Industry 4.0. In other words, it constitutes the point of departure for the GrowIn 4.0 project.

The desk study finds that the partner regions face many of the same challenges but also opportunities in regards to industrial SMEs' uptake of Industry 4.0 technologies and business models.

Many of these SMEs are moving toward the fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0 - which is regarded as the industry of tomorrow. A common challenge is e.g. the SMEs' lack of resources, skills and time for Industry 4.0. General obstacles for SMEs in the partner countries are lack of business support, a high degree of over cautiousness when it comes to investments in Industry 4.0, a lack of the right competences, a lack of digital standards, threats through cyber security, lack of finance, and finally lack of the right business tools.

However, common opportunities are e.g. increasedproductivity, competiveness and growth. General drivers across the partner countries are changing market needs, new technologies, regulatory interventions,
and firm internal drivers.

The desk study reports on:

- generic drivers and obstacles 

- current situation

- opportunities and challenges in the future


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