Training, Education and Recruitment of Industry 4.0 qualified staff

The objective of this work package is to increase the level of skills and knowledge needed for implementation of I4.0 in SMEs.

Technology associated with I4.0 like Big Data, IoT, Robotics and Additive Manufacturing have many opportunities for manufacturing SMEs. In this section of the GrowIn 4.0 project, we want to persuade manufacturing SMEs to join I4.0 by co-creation of their human resources. Therefore it is necessary to develop knowledge to apply I4.0 technologies, but also (soft) skills like negotiation, networking, branding and teambuilding.



  • A desk study and interview with manufacturing SMEs will identify the skills and knowledge most needed to implement the technologies and business models identified in the project
  • Gather best practices of tools and methods to upgrade skills and knowledge
  • Development of digital tools to identify current human resources regarding skills and knowledge in SMEs
  • Develop, test and evaluate methods to increase the skills and knowledge in collaboration with SMEs and create a collection of
  • Identify barriers on developing I4.0 capabilities, use communication strategies to lower the threshold and make a collection of training and communication materials.


Project partners

Hanze Hogeschool is the responsible partner for this project. AfdR, VIA and Hanze will have the main responsibility for the tasks. All project partners will be involved in identifying relevant tools and methods.

Mainly knowledge institutions and practitioners will be involved in testing and evaluation of methods and tools.


Good practice report 

The project partners have gathered good practices in all regions. Read the report here!