Your Pocket Guide to Sustainable Peatland Farming

This guide presents the business opportunities for rewetting peatland soils, and is aimed at anyone who is farming or working on currently drained lowland peats.

The CANAPE partners have produced this short guide to summarise Paludiculture for those farmers and landowners on peatlands who are looking for a wetter future on their land. The aim of the guide is to give an introduction and overview of the opportunity, and then to signpost people to where they can learn more, and get in touch with local contact points who can guide them further on their paludiculture journey. 

The guide is available here, and has been added to the Carbon Toolbox as part of a suite of tools for people working to promote sustainable management of peatlands. 

The guide has been produced in English, Dutch, German and Danish, and is free to download and distribute. A PDF printable version, and a docx version suitable for further editing have been included.  This guide is released under the Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA Creative Commons Licence. For more information and to review the terms of this licence please visit   

English PDF

English Docx

Deutsch PDF

Deutsch Docx

Danish PDF

Danish Docx

Dutch (NL) PDF

Dutch (NL) Docx

Dutch (BE) PDF

Dutch (BE) Docx