POM Oost-Vlaanderen



Which are the organisation's thematic competences and experiences relevant for the project?

- promote, encourage and initiate optimal usage of transport systems

- a reliable, neutral facilitator between private companies (good and easy individual contact making and matchmaking)

- experienced in identifying the needs of SME's, assessing their situation and applying identified improvements

- experienced in identifying, promoting and realizing modal shift opportunities

- POM has an extensive business network related to Inland Waterways

- developer of the 'Scheldeshuttle' push barge concept


What is the benefit for the organisation from participating in the project?

- share and acquire knowledge on operational and legislative bottlenecks and how they are (un)successfully dealt with in other European countries

- active field research at SME’s allowing to get an actual clear view on their needs and bottlenecks towards IWW modal shift

- detection of methods to execute transshipment towards the waterways

- detection of opportunities to move specific (new) cargo towards the waterways

- expansion of our IWW business network


What is the main role in the project?

As Lead beneficiary, POM East Flanders is responsible for the overall project management.

As Work Package Leader of communications, POM East Flanders will coordinate the dissemination of the project. All project partners will be engaged and the tasks will be directed by POM East Flanders.

Economic assessment analysis (private and public).

Assessment of innovative transshipment techniques and linkage with last-mile distribution.


AVATAR contact details

Tom Pauwels 

E-mail: tom.pauwels@pomov.be

Phone: +32 472 78 43 70