Opleidingscentrum voor Hout en Bouw vzw



Which are the organisation's thematic competences and experiences relevant for the project?

OHB is an expert group and training centre for city logistics and distribution of construction material. They envisage autonomous sailing the next step to functional city distribution in Ghent. They are a Private-Public Co-operation (PPS) with Ghent and actively coordinating city distribution for construction materials with multiple vendors in this region.


What is the benefit for the organisation from participating in the project?

By means of gaining knowledge and exchanging know-how on testing and implementation of the validated concepts regarding autonomous shipping, OHB aims to translate this expertise into other regions as they are currently talking with policy makers and constructions companies. Based on previous dialogues with local authorities and shipowners, they realized the critical need for a operational test bed and appropriate demonstrators, which will a main part of AVATAR.


What is the main role in the project?

Co-coordinating the demonstrators and connecting the technologies of AVATAR with the appropriate industrial partners and sub-partners. This includes WP4: business and policy, and WP5: validation and real life trials. OHB will closely monitor these real life trials and analyze the results and share the information with its network of industrial partners to boost autonomous urban freight distribution. Setting up the Urban IWT Alliance Partnership. WP6-leader.


AVATAR contact details

Peter Geirnaert 

E-mail: peter.geirnaert@hotmail.com

Phone: +32 479 878591