TOPSOIL Policy Week

Niels Moeller Jensen, CEO of Herning Vand explains how TOPSOIL has impacted national policy!


Resilient soil and water resources,
understanding the water beneath your feet.




TOPSOIL is a EU cooperation supported by the Interreg VB North Sea Region programme in line with priority 3 of the programme: ‘Sustainable North Sea Region, protecting against climate change and preserving the environment’.

More information about the background, the objectives and the work packages of the project can be found by clicking on the 'About' section in the content bar on the left. There you can also find upcoming events, as well as updates on how TOPSOIL is proceeding.

General information

Duration: December 2015 - March 2022

Project total budget

€ 8.453.013 

Amount of ERDF

 € 4.226.507 



Latest Project News

tTEM in Drenthe

20 January 2022

As part of the Topsoil pilot, the tTEM team visited Drenthe to carry out 3D geophysical and geological mapping in the Drentsche Aa area.


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Niels Møller Jensen explains how TOPSOIL has impacted national policy

17 December 2021

Herning Water Company, Sunds

Niels Moeller Jensen is CEO of the Herning Water Company in Denmark. He is also a key stakeholder in the TOPSOIL pr…

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Lies Verstraete on the importance of the TOPSOIL project

16 December 2021

Coordinating coastal areas

Speaking on behalf of the Belgian stakeholders in TOPSOIL is Lies Verstraete, basin coordinator for the Yser Basin (…

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Hans Kuipers representing the Netherlands for the TOPSOIL Policy Week

14 December 2021

Water policy and climate change

Representing the Province of Drenthe, Executive Board Member Hans Kuipers is responsible for - amongst other …

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Paul Watson giving us his Tuesday Thoughts for the Policy Week

14 December 2021

Flooding in Durham

Representing the Durham County Council (UK) during the TOPSOIL Policy Week is Paul Watson, the county’s strategic highways…

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