atene KOM (Germany)

The Agency for Communication, Organisation and Management (atene KOM) is a consultancy firm that works in tandem with the public sector on large-scale projects. atene KOM focuses on bringing future technologies and infrastructure into rural areas has has thirteen years’ experience in marketing, organising workshops, delivering training modules and project communication.

Thematic competences and experiences

atene KOM stimulates economic activity through its regional, national and transnational work and creates new economic activity by creating new employment and business opportunities that meet the demands of communities and people. The thematic areas of expertise include Education, ICT, Energy, Sustainable Communities, and Resource Efficiency.

Benefit for the organisation from participating in the project

It will provide a regional benefit to manufacturing SMEs. atene KOM will learn from the partnership particularly in the created innovations thus allowing atene KOM to disseminate these to manufacturing SMEs who are heading towards Industry 4.0 in Germany. Additionally, raising awareness in GrowIn 4.0 improvement methodologies will create regional manufacturing modifications and job creations, especially higher value jobs.

Main role

atene KOM will address and present the paradigms and ICT innovations in manufacturing-related processes to its EU networks, with an emphasis on NSR. An important element of atene KOM's mission is to move GrowIn 4.0 innovations into the market. atene KOM will support the creation of better SME links with future focused skills supply to increase business growth across the NSR. Support for identification of capability gaps in manufacturing/technological sectors is a task that atene KOM will undertake.




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