Project news from Radio Diablo

16 December 2019 - Published by Sonja Anna Charlotte Ruhnke

Ærø in a new project is paving the way for more electric ferries.

The Municipality of Ærø's experiences with the development of the electric ferry Ellen will now benefit from a new EU project aimed at promoting the use of environmentally friendly transport in the North Sea. That's what Fyns Amts Avis tells.

The municipality of Ærø and SDU are among the parties in the project, which will first and foremost investigate how the ports in the North Sea can be geared to serve electricity and hydrogen powered ships.

The electric ferry Ellen is proof that it is now possible to operate electric ferries also on longer routes and the next step is therefore to develop the charging possibilities ashore.

The project runs until March 2023 and has a budget of DKK 32 million.