Visit the first zero-emission hydrogen container ship: FPS Maas

20 April 2023 - Published by Katharina Rubahn

You’re invited to FPS Maas | Open Day, on Thursday 25th and Friday the 26th of May. Here you will be able to visit our first zero-emissions vessel: FPS Maas. A container ship that transports any cargo with no emissions whatsoever. During the Open Day you’ll get a chance to learn about the advanced technology that’s making zero-emissions shipping possible, hear more about the retrofit project and meet the team.

For visiting the FPS Maas please choose one of the following days:

Thursday 25 May, afternoon

Friday 26 May, afternoon

This event follows our final conference of the ZEM Ports NS project and demonstrates that it can be done. Benefit from the experienced partners of our project. If you follow our conference, you will also have the chance to visit the FPS Maas.