Standardising and improving the bureaucracy for Hydrogen power

01 February 2023 - Published by Katharina Rubahn

could be the summary of our ‘Hydrogen-powered shipping’ webinar yesterday.

An enthusiastic crowd met yesterday to celebrate the first ships powered by Hydrogen, like the inland container ship FPS Maas. Milinko Godjevac (Future Proof Shipping) took the lead and introduced their innovative approach, having improved the whole supply chain and managed the bureaucratic burden. Kristina Juelsgaard (Ballard Power Systems) and Jogchrum Bruinsma (Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology) were very optimistic in their projection of future needs of Fuel Cells on ships, and they have ambitious goals or better a vision that includes the production of hydrogen in Europe and to standardise processes enabling fast approval times. On the safety aspects, Maurizio Lamantia (PURE ENERGY CENTRE LIMITED) introduced us to their current work with a mobile hydrogen filling station and available training material for the use of hydrogen. Diederick Luijten (Air Liquide) highlighted projects that go beyond what we have in Europe today, like a 20 MW electrolyser in Canada that they built, powered by local hydroelectricity. This will be the start of a way to go and ensure supply for shipping and other purposes in the Gigawatt scale that we need.

A motivating end to our webinar.

We look forward to meeting again at a conference planned for the middle of May in Rotterdam, where we will visit one of the hydrogen-driven container ships of FPS.