FPS continues their journey to retrofit container vessels with hydrogen power

10 August 2022 - Published by Katharina Rubahn

Work on the Zero Emission Ports North Sea projects is speeding up as FPS heads towards finalizing the retrofit of the first inland vessel, FPS Maas, to 100% green hydrogen power and now the FPS Waal will benefit from a pre-paved path towards zero-emissions shipping.

Together with their partners Koedood Marine GroupNedstack Fuel Cell Technology and Kooiman Marine Group they are currently in the midst of preparing their first fuel cell system for its Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). During the FAT, they will simulate several scenarios representative of the operating conditions of the vessel to ensure that the fuel cells can perform well once installed on board.
The image offers a rare glimpse into the fabrication of a hydrogen fuel cell for the FPS Maas.

You can meet Prasanna Colluru from FPS at the Maritime Hybrid, Electric & Fuel Cells conference in October or reach out to the team astart@futureproofshipping.com