Project News from DK NYT

16 December 2019 - Published by Sonja Anna Charlotte Ruhnke

ÆRØ: The  University of Southern Denmark and the Municipality of Ærø are both involved in a new EU project for DKK 32 million. DKK, where efforts will be made to promote the use of environmentally friendly transport in the North Sea. Partners from Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and England are also involved in the project. That's what Fyens Stiftstidende writes. 

The project runs until 2023, with half of the budget financed through the EU's Interreg program. There are precisely good opportunities to make transport more environmentally friendly in the North Sea, as 60-85 per cent. of the Nordic ferry routes have the length and the right conditions to be able to sail on electricity. So far, there have been technological barriers, but Ærø is precisely one of the places where an electric ferry has succeeded. The project will try to charge the Ellen ferry with only renewable energy from the island's own wind turbines. 

- It really means that Ærø can find partners across Europe and share experiences and knowledge. We expect to be able to get something out of this knowledge, but also to draw attention to the possibilities that exist, by having electricity transport, so that it can be spread to the whole world, says Allan Krogh Filtenborg, municipal director in the municipality of Ærø.