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On the way to zero emissions in maritime transport

17 August 2023

Zero Emission Ports North Sea (ZEM Ports NS) helped realise the world's first 100% hydrogen-driven cargo ship. The project also analysed how port infrastructures must prepare for carbon-free shipping.…

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An analysis on the port infrastructure to new E-ferries

26 June 2023

The report is a case study analysing port infrastructure strategies for the charging of battery electric ferries on the Island of Ærø participating in the ZEM Ports North Sea project. Barriers are i…

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A Machine Learning Approach to Predict the Materials’ Susceptibility to Hydrogen Embrittlement

06 June 2023

Machine learning to predict materials susceptibility to Hydrogen embrittlement.

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Successful launch event and beginning af a new era

01 June 2023

Future Proof shipping launched the first Hydrogen powered Inland Container Ship on May 25, 2023.

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Visit the first zero-emission hydrogen container ship: FPS Maas

20 April 2023

You’re invited to FPS Maas | Open Day, on Thursday 25th and Friday the 26th of May. Here you will be able to visit our first zero-emissions vessel: FPS Maas. A container ship that transports any…

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Standardising and improving the bureaucracy for Hydrogen power

01 February 2023

could be the summary of our ‘Hydrogen-powered shipping’ webinar yesterday.

An enthusiastic crowd met yesterday to celebrate the first ships powered by Hydrogen, like the inland container ship FP…

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Hydrogen technology training modules developed

20 January 2023

The Pure Energy Centre has developed training modules to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of Hydrogen technology. Additionally, they developed a mobile hydrogen refuelling station.

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14 new electric ferry projects in Denmark

09 January 2023

14 new electric ferry projects receive support from the state of Denmark

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Watch the film on the last 'Diesel journey' of the PFS Maas

25 November 2022

The retrofit is in full progress.

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E-ferry Ellen evaluation video

04 November 2022

Don't miss this great video from our partners on Ærø about the electric ferry Ellen.

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