The project of Vartofta (SE)

This pilot will improve the water quality in river Ätran in the countryside of Vartofta. The aim is to get a greater overall view of ecosystem values, green infrastructure, water supply, climate adaptation and economically viable farming.

Pilot name:  The project of Vartofta

Pilot location: River Ätran, countryside of Vartofta

Lead beneficiary: Ätran Water Council

Timescales: 2017 - 2019

More about this pilot project: 

The river subbasin is dominated by agricultural land. When planning for an upcoming dredge, a local group of landowners and the local dredging company seeks to identify and implement measures to prevent eutrophication of the river. 

After an initial meeting to discuss the layout of the pilot project, several individual watercourse walks with landowners operating along the river were made. During these walks possible measures were identified. Measures were also identified through analysis of elevation, soil, topography, wetness and waterway profiles.

In 2018, applications for public funding of physical measures will be made. Extended water sampling will be done to further test and analyse the measures.

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