Round Table “Grossenkneten” (GER)

Drinking water production has to compete with other stakeholders in groundwater, and is increasingly questioned for its potential impacts on the environment and other uses. The “Round Table Grossenkneten” brings together different stakeholders and citizens to improve the understanding of groundwater (management). This shall support finding more widely supported solutions dealing with potential threats in the ecosystem. The most central objective is to build trust among all stakeholders and to develop a shared knowledge base.

Pilot location:  Lower Saxony, South of Oldenburg

Lead beneficiary: Oldenburgisch – Ostfriesischer Wasserverband (OOWV)


Further details about the project: 

Oldenburgisch – Ostfriesischer Wasserverband (OOWV) delivers drinking and process water to private and industrial users. This requires protection of groundwater bodies, both in terms of sustainable distribution of water withdrawal rights, and of defining protection areas. This is the responsibility of the local water authority (municipality). However, the OOWV has got a strong interest in contributing to appropriate co-governance structures which ensure sufficient water for provision by a sustainable use and protection of water.

The Round Table was initiated to better understand and respond to local and regional concerns. Also, it aims to increase transparency and stakeholders’ understanding with regard to the OOWV groundwater withdrawal.  People from the local area, farmers, and representatives from the villages, environmental NGO’s and other stakeholder groups address concerns and issues. Currently, the stakeholders chose an additional technical expert who monitors and translates the work of the expert hired by the OOWV.

The Round Table process is implemented by a team of three facilitators, one acting as a local connection and organising upon request and demand bilateral local meetings in addition to the Round Table meetings.

Further, OOWV has contracted Interessen Im Fluss for consultation on the process, and for analysing other processes with regard to their efficiency for balancing different demands and sustainable groundwater management. The Round Table included the bilateral cooperation of farmers and a review of an already closed water right application process. The output of these pilots shall be a guidance for water providers, how to best approach cooperation with other stakeholders in the context of permissions for water rights.

The Round Table had its Kick-Off meeting in May 2016. At the Kick-Off issues were collected, and two working groups established. One working group has closed their meeting in June 2017. Currently, a technical analysis of the groundwater system takes place. It is expected that the process will close in 2018.

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