Mölndalsån Water Council (SE)

The aim is for the water council to develop its significance in terms of competence and cooperation in the development of the community. The council would like to be able to participate as a natural party early in the planning process of town development instead of postponing it with appeals. To achieve this, the council's communication needs to be developed both internally and externally.

Pilot name: Mölndalsån Water Council

Pilot location: River basin of Mölndalsån, Sweden

Timescales: 2017 - 2019

More about this project:

In 2017, the water council arranged workshops to identify areas of development and formed a project plan consisting three parts; The council's internal dialogue, the council's dialogue with municipalities and finally actions based on conclusions from the first two parts.

As a starting point, a survey of the current situation will be carried out through internal work groups. Through 2018, measures like dialogue with municipalities, information efforts and watercourse walks will be implemented. The council will not itself implement physical actions but will support other stakeholders doing so.

To read more visit: https://www.vattenradivast.se/molndalsans-vattenrad.html