Holistic development plan for Ryå (DK)

The project will create a synergy between climate adaptation, remediation of flooding of farmland, outdoor activities and nitrogen-reducing measures in the Ryå catchment. It will demonstrate how to achieve the most holistic projects that make the most benefit to society on several parameters.

Pilot location: In the northern part of Jutland, Denmark

Lead beneficiary: Municipality of Aalborg / Limfjordsrådet

Partners involved: Farmers, NGO’s, Municipalities

Timescales: Mid 2016 – early 2019


More about the project:

Ryå is one of the largest watercourses in the Limfjord catchment. Ryå is challenged by lack of good ecological status and flooding of farmland.

The project will develop a holistic solution to the many opportunities and challenges that exist in the Ryå catchment. The aim of the project is to ensure a more optimal resource allocation and to create a synergy effect in project areas to ensure multiple outcomes.

This is done by actively involving local stakeholders. The idea is that a holistic development plan must ensure that challenges, local development and interests are solved, safeguarded and coordinated as best as possible. 

Until now a preliminary baseline report has been made in cooperation with the local municipalities. Furthermore, the project has been presented at two bigger meetings and letters describing the project have been sent to at least 100 key landowners. 

During 2018/2019, a working group covering the whole catchment will be established to review the baseline report and will create a draft holistic development plan for Ryå.

In parallel, more local project groups will concentrate on the design and implementation of the projects contained in the plan.