Climate Resilient Cities (NL)

A multidisciplinary approach to climate change involves many stakeholders, so a good co-governance approach is needed and clear information for decision makers is required.

Pilot name: Climate resilient cities

Pilot location: Urban area in the HHNK management area

Lead beneficiary: HHNK

Timescales: 2015 until 31st December 2019 


More information about this pilot:

More severe rainfall, droughts and heat stress require ecosystem-based measures for a long-term adaptation to climate change. For this, co-governance is needed. The so-called Climate Atlas which maps flooding, groundwater, heat stress, vulnerability of buildings and roads, etc. supports the co-governance approach. 

All 30 municipalities in the HHNK management area are involved in the project, as well as the province of Noord-Holland and the drinking water company, PWN.

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