Biologic Diversity in River Högvadsån (SE)

This pilot will initiate a dialogue between landowners, operators, anglers, municipalities and anyone interested the preserving and developing the unique and threatened natural values in the area.

Pilot location: River basin of Högvadsån, Ullared, Sweden

Lead beneficiary: Ätran Water Council

Timescales: 2017 - 2020

Pearl mussels and salmon are in focus but the aim is a greater overall view of the ecosystem and biodiversity. The idea is that from dialogue, possible measures can be identified and implemented, this will also enable greater interest and commitment from landowners and operators.

Three public meetings for dialogue startup was held in 2017 to locate commitments and issues that the participants would like to work with. From this, action programs have been developed and working groups formed around local tributaries and watercourse stretches. During the following watercourse walks, ideas of possible measures were initiated. 

In 2018 applications for public funding continued coordination of the project, as well as physical measures, will be made.

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