Pilot Projects

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Pilots in Germany: 

The “Round Table Grossenkneten” brings together different stakeholders and citizens to improve the understanding of groundwater management. Read more.

This pilot aims at decreasing conflicts during the formal application for water abstraction rights. The outcome of this pilot will be a guidance document for water providers, on how to set up constructive stakeholder involvement processes in the context of managing their groundwater resources. Read more.

Pilots in the United Kingdom:

The Upper Wharfe provides a perfect area to focus on the delivery of natural flood management (NFM). Read more.

The CamEO partnership is piloting collaborative approaches to the management of the water environment in the Cam and Ely Ouse catchment. Read more.

Pilots in Denmark:

The project will involve stakeholders in finding suitable locations where wetlands can be established. Read more.


In order to test a more bottom-up approach, SEGES launched the “catchment officer concept”, a concept introduced by The Rivers Trust, with the specific purpose of finding suitable locations for environmental measures. Read more.


The project will create a synergy between climate adaptation, remediation of flooding of farmland, outdoor activities and nitrogen-reducing measures in the Ryå catchment. It will demonstrate how to achieve the most holistic projects that make the most benefit to society on several parameters. Read more.


This pilot aims at demonstrating that a new top-down/bottom-up interaction when characterising water environment status in Skive Fjord will lead to better common understanding and better decisions concerning actions towards improving water environment. Read more.


Pilots in Sweden:

This pilot will investigate the river basin and its local stakeholders to enable measures for improved water quality.Read more.


This pilot will initiate a dialogue between landowners, operators, anglers, municipalities and anyone interested the preserving and developing the unique and threatened natural values in the area. Read more.


The aim is for the water council to develop its significance in terms of competence and cooperation in the development of the community. Read more.

This pilot will improve the water quality in river Ätran in the countryside of Vartofta. The aim is to get a greater overall view of ecosystem values, green infrastructure, water supply, climate adaptation and economically viable farming. Read more.

Pilots in the Netherlands:

A multidisciplinary approach to climate change involves many stakeholders, so a good co-governance approach is needed and clear information for decision makers is required. Read more. 


The island of Texel in the Netherlands is embedded in salt water. The farmers depend on fresh water which is sometimes lacking. The pilot will raise awareness on the salinity and its behaviour in freshwater canals. Read more.


Increasing participation and collaboration across the governance spectrum and introducing new co-governance methods. Read more.