Partners meet to discuss water governance in the North Sea Region

24 September 2018 - Published by Alistair Maltby
Representatives from Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands met in Groningen, the Netherlands for their sixth Water Co-Governance meeting, to share progress on the programme so far.

To kick off day 1, each pilot gave a short update on their progress against the programme indicators, sharing between the group the lessons learnt so far.

Some highlights include; a Water in Schools programme being trialled in Sweden as part of the Himleån Water Council pilot; The Upper Wharfe Pilot in England delivering over 900 soil compaction surveys and working with over 18 farmers; 20 wetlands and 5 municipalities being involved in Denmark’s pilot project in Ryå;  and the Netherlands pilot in Oude Diep working with 4 students to deliver extensive research into citizen science tools as part of a school project. 

During day 2, the team were taken to Hoogeveen to see examples of green infrastructure in the area as well as learn about the planned developments which will connect a number of existing ponds to help improve the flow of water through the town which will consequently improve water quality and biodiversity in the area.

The team then visited the largest constructed wetland in the Netherlands, Oude Diep, which spans over 7ha. The wetland was put in place as a solution to pollution from the combined sewer overflows.

Watch the video below to learn more about the site visits: