WaterCoG Final Partner Conference

26 October 2021 - Published by Alistair Maltby
WaterCoG held the project's final partner conference on the 21st and 22nd September 2021, with attendance from across the project partners as well as external attendees from EU Interreg projects and partner organisations working in the pilot areas.

The conference was structured around the project's three key result indicators: Long term cross-sector commitment (sustainability) to co-governance in pilot areas; Increased return on public investment by adopting participatory/co-governance approaches to management of NSR ecosystems; and Improvements to the environmental status of pilot areas.

Talks held on these three pilot areas covered topics ranging from climate adaptation strategies, holistic planning, building up new local partnerships, mechanisms for assessing funding and benefits, incentives for local action, wetlands delivering improved environmental outcomes, and more.

Further sessions were held to discuss the shifts since the baselines of the project, as well as the future of co-governance approaches, including a session led by water companies, and also how citizen science and community engagement will support more successful water co-governance futures.

Overall, the conference was a strong testament to the commitment and significant delivery of improved approaches to water co-governance across North Sea Region WaterCoG partner countries.

The conference was recorded and a link to this can be made available upon request. Please contact info@catchmentbasedapproach.org if you would like a copy.