Over 500 pupils take part in a series of litter picks in the Limfjord, Denmark

04 May 2021 - Published by Alistair Maltby
As part of the WaterCoG extension, the Limfjords Secretary has organised a series of litter picks with over 19 schools and 26 classes in the Limfjord in Denmark.

Lars Bach from the Limfjords Secretary, said: “we know very little about the amount and type of plastic in the Fjord. We are really pleased that the schools are so keen and excited to help us collect this vital information” 

Teachers have been given educational materials to help deliver lessons on plastic pollution as well as a regular video update from a local fisherman and activist, Michael Madsen.

The schools that are taking part cover the whole of the Limfjord and are armed with litter picking equipment. They will upload their results to a digital tool for the municipality to collate the data and assess the scale of the problem.

Once the results are sent in, they hope to refine the method and invite more schools to participate in the future.