Ghost nets pose a problem in the Limfjord

04 May 2021 - Published by Alistair Maltby
Aalborg Municipality have been working with the small company Appel Adventure to target ghost nets found in the Limfjord in Denmark.

After a public campaign to call for local anglers, water sports groups to help identify where ghost nets might be found, in just one week, 32 ghost nets have been identified and will be targeted to be removed as soon as funding is made available. 

Lars Bach, from the Limfjords Secretary, said: “it is great to have had such a great response in just our first week. We have already been contacted by the Ministry of Fisheries who have offered to help us with this problem right away. There is a huge amount of wildlife that depend on the Limfjord and by removing these nets, we can protect these vital habitats.”

In the short term, it is really positive with a big clean-up effort, but it is important with more long-term measures to ensure sustainable management of the resources in the Limfjord. The Limfjord Secretary is working on this and hopes to put it on the agenda as part of a larger Master Plan for the Limfjord – which is another part of the Water Co Governance project.