Field excursion turned into virtual trip to the river

14 September 2020 - Published by Alistair Maltby
Covid-19 still impacts our work in our project, but we are finding new innovative ways of working.

A planned visit from 20 Swedish pilots to Denmark was turned into a webinar. The idea was that Swedish and Danish Catchment officers should exchange knowledge concerning social learnings and more specifically also should the Danish measures and tools used by Danish Catchment officers be demonstrated.

Due to covid-19, instead of a visit, it was made into a webinar. It is not exactly the same as walking in the field, but the positive thing is that time used for a webinar is a lot less. This means more people were able to attend the event and a little more than 50 Swedes, Catchment officers, authorities, scientists had a virtual field excursion day. So the discussion was spread more widely and hopefully, we will have time for a real field trip in the future.

Contact Flemming Gertz if a copy of the presentations could be of interest: flg@seges.dk


Agenda - 2nd September 2020

Solutions and measures In Denmark – technical session 09.00-12.00

09.00-09.05 Welcome and technical questions

09.05-09.30 Catchment officers - background, assignment and future development.

Flemming Gertz, SEGES 15 min, questions 10 min

09.30-10.00 Drainpipe solutions, different kind of constructed wetlands

Charlotte Kjærgaard, SEGES 20 min, questions 10 min

10.00-10.30 Tools for finding best place for drainpipe solutions + design and costs.

Sebastian Zacho, SEGES 20 min, questions 10 min 

10.45-11.15 Large wetlands/river valley restorations-examples of the process.

Matthew William Cochran, Orbicon 20 min, questions 10 min 

11.15-12.00 “Jordfordeling” (a process where landowners together value land and the use for it, as well as compensation from the state)

Jesper Blaabjerg, Landbrugstyrelsen 30 min, questions 15 min

Lunch break 12.00-13.30

Social learnings in Sweden and Denmark 13.30-15.30

13.30-13.35 Welcome and technical questions

 13.35-14.00 Catchment officers - tools for involvement, experiences of involvement of farmers and finding common solutions.

Mads Lægdsgaard Madsen, SEGES 15 min, 10 min question

14.00-14.15 Short presentation of guide for involvement for LEVA

Madeleine Prutzer and Anna Ek, SwAM 15 min 

14.30-14.45 Danish Catchment officers - what is easiest and what are the challenges?

Catchment officers 15 min

14.45-15.00 Swedish-Catchment officers - what is easiest and what are the challenges?

2 Catchment officers 15 min

15.00-15.30 What can we learn from the two countries? How can we continue sharing experiences and knowledge Sweden-Denmark?

Discussion 30 min