Enthusiastic High-School Students research water quality in their hometown

05 October 2018 - Published by Alistair Maltby
A group of high-school students from the RVEC in Hoogeveen have been researching water quality in the helophyte filter in Hoogeveen.

A group of high-school students from the RVEC in Hoogeveen are going to monitor water quality in the helophyte filter in Hoogeveen, in cooperation with the local waterboard.

The Waterboard/Municipality will get regular data on the functioning of the helophyte filter and water quality in/near the Oude Diep. Helping them make better decisions regarding the amount of water running through the filter.

To carry out the assignment, the students will be looking into the quality of water going in and out of the filter and will be using a toolbox filled with tools researched and used in other WaterCoG pilots and projects.

The students really liked the idea of getting involved in testing water quality in their home-town of Hoogeveen, so chose this project to be part of their high-school research assignment.  The helophyte filter is also located near their school, where water is cleaned before entering the Oude Diep.

As part of the assignment, the students have been tasked with finding a way to get more of their fellow students or other people enthusiastic and participate in monitoring the water quality in the helophyte filter. 

Waterboard, Drents Overijsselse Delta, commented on the project: “We are constantly looking to connect with local stakeholders. students are always an enthusiastic group where we can achieve this.”