Webinar: Behavioural change based on own measurements

17 June 2020

Adapting to climate change may also be a change in behaviour. But it is difficult to enforce the changes from the outside, and especially if you do not understand why, when and how to change your beh…

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Podcast - Climate motivation: what can we learn from the Netherlands?

25 March 2020

How can we motivate the public to take an active role in developing climate change solutions? Tune into the latest episode of Rambling About Rivers to find out!

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Four European projects come together to discuss sustainable practices to water co-governance

09 March 2020

WaterCoG attended a conference on the 24th to 26th February in Oldenburg to learn about sustainable water governance.

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Forum brings together data experts to discuss data and evidence sharing in the UK

24 January 2020

Data Forum held in Bristol with more than 75 attendees

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Presentation of environmental measures at Plantekongres 2020

20 January 2020

SEGES and the Catchment Officers (Oplandskonsulenterne) had a stand at the Plantekongres 2020 (Crop Congress). Find out more here.

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Students reenact stakeholder roundtable

17 January 2020

20 Students take part in a simulation of the roundtable - a pilot concept set up by the WaterCoG project

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Upscaling “bottom up” water governance approach to new areas in Denmark

13 January 2020

SEGES have through out the year 2019 worked to upscale experiences from WaterCoG pilot area “Skive Fjord” to new areas in Denmark.

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The People’s Festival of Nature

12 December 2019

Debate on Water Council and stakeholder involvement in water plan efforts

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Rivers Trust Autumn Conference 2019, supported by WaterCoG

24 October 2019

We've just about recovered from the Rivers Trust Autumn Conference 2019, so here's our roundup!

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Danish catchment officers visit Sweden for knowledge exchange

23 September 2019

From the 4th to the 6th of September, Danish catchment officers visited Skåne and Halland to exchange knowledge concerning local involvement in water governance.

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