Knowledge sharing and good debates at conference day on Ringkøbing Fjord

25 June 2019

Local farmers, fishermen, birdwatchers and many other local stakeholders were gathered in Ringkøbing for a conference day on the environmental status of Ringkøbing Fjord and possible actions in the …

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An update from the seventh Water Co-Governance meeting

16 April 2019

Representatives from Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands met in Gothenburg, Sweden for their seventh Water Co-Governance meeting, to share progress on the programme so far.

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Reducing crop damage from salt water on the Island of Texel in the Netherlands

27 March 2019

To reduce crop damage by salt water intrusion on the island of Texel, the waterboard HHNK started a measuring programme in collaboration with the farmers.

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Involving farmers in Denmark with nitrate measurement

22 March 2019

Nitrate leaching from fields do not only have a negative impact on groundwater and surface water environment, but it is also potential lost yields on next year’s harvest on the field.

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The world’s first international citizen science relay

15 March 2019

The Rivers Trust is organising the worlds first international citizen science relay with organisations from five different countries to take #actiononwater on an international scale next week.

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The Rivers Trust release three new animations to visually explain the basic concept of natural capital and ecosystem services

14 March 2019

The natural environment is being degraded and we are beginning to realise that protecting and enhancing our ecosystems is essential, if we are to continue benefiting from all the things the natural en…

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Holistic plan for Ryå catchment area - Field trip

07 December 2018

The overall plan for Ryå is working to develop a comprehensive solution to the many opportunities and challenges, including flooding problems that exist in Ryå catchment area.

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Municipalities Water and Nature Network Event, Middelfart, Denmark

28 November 2018

Partners of the EU WaterCoG project attended a workshop in Denmark to share ideas and lessons on ecosystem management and partnership working with local municipalities.

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A new online community platform and knowledge hub launches

19 November 2018

Connect with others working towards collaborative and cross-sector management of the water environment.

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Enthusiastic High-School Students research water quality in their hometown

05 October 2018

A group of high-school students from the RVEC in Hoogeveen have been researching water quality in the helophyte filter in Hoogeveen.

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