WASP webinar 5: Wind technologies for cleaner shipping 20-04-2023

On April 20th 2023 the WASP team presented a "5 quarters webinar" about

Wind technologies for cleaner shipping

In this webinar (with over 90 participants)

  • the main and key findings and conslusions of our WASP project are highlighted by mr. Gavin Allwright of IWSA, UK.
  • our new Decision Support Model (DSM) was presented by senior researcher mr. Christiam Gil of the Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg 
  • An interesting Q&A session was held were, mr. Marko Möller of Scandlines (one of the ship-owning partners in the WASP project) was reflecting on both presentations and was answering questions.

The webinar was hosted by partner: Green Transition Danmark by mr. Kare Press-Kristensen


You can watch the webinar here