Webinars and events

Here you can find all webinars and events organised by or with a major contribution of WASP partners. You can acces all information by watching the webinars again of have a look at the presentations given by WASP partners. If you think this information is relevant for people in your network, please share the link!

WASP ended


WASP partners frequently organised and participated in events and hosted webinars on the implementation and results of Wind Propulsion Technology (WPT) installations.

All our contributions from past events / webinars can be found here. 


As the WASP project has now officially ended: our contributions will stay on line but no more new information will be added. If you're looking for something specific, you can either contact the projectmanager for WASP (contact page) or

- get in touch with IWSA, regarding general information on wind-propulsion techniques world wide

- or reach out to any of the other specialized WASP -partners

You can find their details on the page: "project-partners".