Ship profile MS Annika Braren


Name M/S Annika Braren IMO number 9849148
Vessel type General Cargo MMSI 211302790
Gross tonnage 2996t Year built 2020
Summer DWT 5023t Flag Germany (DE)
Av. Speed 12.3kn Av. Fuel consumption  
Owner Rörd Braren Bereederungs-GmbH & Co. KG, Bielenberg 18, 25377 Kollmar, Germany

Anna Braren, managing director of Rörd Braren Bereederung:

“This is a big project for our company and one that we are convinced will bring substantial benefits to the company, but also help to showcase the technology for other shipowners and to contribute to lowering emissions in the region and globally. That sustainability approach is in the DNA of our company and we are very proud to see the ship embark on her wind-assist maiden voyage.”


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Performance Data of the Installation

Technical specifications  
ECO Flettner Rotor 18m height, 3m diameter
Sail surface (m2) 54
Diameter of upper / lower end disks (m) 6
Material Rotor: GFP, Mast: steel
Rotor Speed (rpm) max. 280
Lightning conductor yes
Ice prevention yes









Support structure  
Tower steel
Foundation height; between main deck and forecastle deck + 2300 mm over forecastle deck appr. 5000mm; diameter appr. 2300 mm
Weight incl. typical foundation (tons) 34t (ship specific)








Drive Electric geared motor
Electric power (kW) 75
Variable speed drive yes
Brake resistor / Mechanical lock Electric Brake yes
Control system software yes
Hardware yes
Condition Monitoring system yes
Thrust Measurement system yes
ATEX compliant design On demand


Ambient conditions  
Operational temperature 40 Celsius (tower)
Operational wind speed range TADC (DNV GL) 30 m/s
Survival wind speed TADC (DNV GL) 50 m/s
Thrust Approx. 78 kN / BN9 (22,5 m/s)
Lead time (month) 12
Life time (h) Approx. 50.000 h in full load condition
















Watch the installation video of the ECO Flettner