WASP - Best Practice Manual

20 July 2023 - Published by Jacqueline Brouwer

As the final edition to our "output library" the WASP consortium produced its Best Practice Manual (BPM), covering the technology selection, installation and operation of a variety of wind-assisted technologies on five different vessels.

The manual has been developed to aid shipowners and other entities that are interested in installing or otherwise engaging with WASP systems.  It offers a set of processes, best practice approaches and procedures that address many of the issues that have been raised during the WASP project, based on real life experiences from ship owners.

Each chapter has a few pages that cover feedback and insights from shipowners, technology providers and the other partners and vendors involved with the project. Each chapter also has a series of links to additional external reference materials, websites of technology providers etc. The technical work packages 3 (engineering of wind propulsion technologies), 4 (policy and viable business), and 5 (operation of wind propulsion technologies and performance measuring) provide valuable input to this document.


You can accesss the BPM as a download from our Output Library on this website and have a look at all the other interesting publications we made! 


We wish you happy reading and hope it will inspire you to further the uptake of WASP!