Sea trial for MS Annika with Flettner rotor

15 October 2021 - Published by Jacqueline Brouwer

To meet UN’s climate goals, many ship owners consider installing Wind power on their vessels. Several wind assistance technologies are available on the market, for example “Flettner rotors”. But how much power saving can a Flettner rotor provide, in real life? One way to find out is to conduct a sea trial.

In september, a sea trial was conducted by SSPA on the MS Annika Braren of the Brarenrederei, both Interreg NSR WASP partners. The MS Annika had her Flettner rotor installed in May this year. After initial testing, now the time was right for SSPA to step on board and conduct a trial to measure actual fuel and CO2 savings.

Want to know more about the sea trial, read the full article here or go to SSPA's page here