Publication in the Naval Architect magazine: Rotor sails: putting a new spin on shipping?

20 November 2020 - Published by Kraftvaerk

11 November 2020  

In early March, an interview study with shipowners, technology providers and the crew of a rotor ship was performed to investigate the impact of wind propulsion on operations and crew and uncover clues to unlocking the full potential of this technology. David Newman reports on the findings and an article titled 'Rotor sails: putting a new spin on shipping?' will be published in the Naval Architect magazine. 

Rotor sails: putting a new spin on shipping?

About the author

David Newman is a graduate of the MESPOM master’s program, completing his thesis at Lund University in Environmental Science, Policy and Management, in collaboration with SSPA Sweden AB under the WASP project. He now works for the Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs) and is compiling a compendium of regulations, standards and policies for zero-emission ship technologies.