Data and sustainable navigation conference

16 January 2023 - Published by Jacqueline Brouwer

Data and sustainable navigation conference

25 and 26th May, 2023

EM business school, Le Havre, Normandie, France


The maritime industry manages 80% of the international trade in volume, it is also responsible for 3% of the GHG emission. Aware of this impact the IMO imposed since 2020 to vessels to use fuel with a lowest level of Sox or to implement technologies that decrease GHG emissions. One option is to use vessels fueled with LNG, Ammonia, or wind power. Yet these options may question the profitability of the current business model. Maritime navigation has also an impact on human health. 


The EM business school in Le Havre Normandie organises a conference on the importance of data for sustainable navigation. The conference is held on 25/26th of May 2023. Here you'll find all the info on registration and the preliminary programme.

  • A call for papers is still open to reply till end of March 2023. You can find the call specifics here.


WASP scientific results:

One of our WASP partners, associate professor and researcher mr. Roberto Rivas-Hermann of the North University (Norway) will present his paper titled: Forecasting zero and low carbon fuels; current status future development and data needs.

The presentation will be complemented with a workshop facilitating the discussion on how data (fleet register, fuel prices, technological forecasting) is used to manage fleet investments.

Questions to be addressed include:

• What is the potential of cost forecasting tools to identify best scenarios of environmental technological upgrade in current fleets?

• What is the maturity level and forecasting status of zero and low carbon fuels? 


Registration and more info on this session can be found on the conference website. For links: see text above.