2021 Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards

20 October 2021 - Published by Jacqueline Brouwer

WASP partners shortlisted, cast your votes now!

The second Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards recognise pioneering projects, technological innovation and the key people and companies making a real difference in advancing wind propulsion as a low carbon, truly sustainable option for the world’s commercial shipping fleet. There are seven categories of award this year that will help us celebrate the innovations and developments in the sector since the first awards in 2016.

In the section 2: "technology users" we are proud to see our WASP partners:

van Dam, Rörd Braren and Scandlines on the shortlist.

In section 3: Wind propulsion projects, the WASP project is nominated.

You can cast your vote from Friday 22nd October till November 7th via a voting and event website.

More information can be found here