Stakeholder involvement

It is increasingly apparent that for projects aiming to develop improved long-term sustainable management solutions stakeholder participation is required at the design, implementation and evaluation phases.

Rivers Trust as a coordinator will in cooperationwith relevant beneficiaries provide a framework for ensuring a high level of stakeholder participation in all project phases. Key objectives to achieve this include;

  1. Develop an appreciation for the importance of stakeholder participation within each pilot and familiarization with appropriate participatory methods and approaches
  2. Identify key stakeholders at pilot and project level and involve them in project activities.
  3. Develop a framework for both planning stakeholder participation and critically evaluating the success of each pilot and the project at involving stakeholders.
  4. Collate and disseminate information relating to the approaches taken throughout the project and the impact they may have had on developing “new thinking” and changes to management. The work package lead will have a coordinating role in many of these activities, but each beneficiary will have an ongoing active role in developing and executing their own activities as well as collating and reporting information to the wider project group.

Rivers Trust is responsible for Work package 3.