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Resilient soil and water resources,
understanding the water beneath your feet.


Project management

The Topsoil project is a large project involving 16 pilot areas and 23 beneficiaries in 5 countries around the NSR.

The project is organized in 7 work packages reflecting the different components to be delivered within the project and a work package concerning project management headed by the lead beneficiary.

A leader of the individual work packages has been appointed to reflect the specific top competences of the organizations and to spread the leaderships geographically. On the daily basis Central Denmark Region organizes the project, supported by the steering group with the lead beneficiary, coordinating beneficiary in each country and the work package leaders. The steering group meets in person half yearly to ensure progress and solve challenges. In addition, they organize a telephone conference every second month.

In the 5 participating countries, country steering groups were formed and continue the work during the project period. To ensure a transnational outreach, a transnational group of stakeholders is established in a board. All beneficiaries meet twice a year to ensure transnational progress, learning, synergies, evaluation and involvement of all partners in the project.

Central Denmark Region is responsible for Work package 1.