New management regime

In order to be able to respond to the consequences of climate change a new management plan is developed in each pilot area. From the local plans the work done in WP7 synthesizes a new management regime in the North Sea Region for managing ground water, surface water as well as the top soil. The use of the soil has an impact on for instance water quality. This is the reason that the cohesion between land management and water management deserves particular attention.

We will explore the proposed roadmaps of WP 6 and the influence of them both on a catchment scale as well as on the relation between soil and water and create a new management regime. The work is done in close and create a new management regime. The work is done in close cooperation with the TGT.

The goal is to describe new ways of managing our surface near groundwater to find resilient and sustainable management regime for topsoil and groundwater including:


  1. Development of new management in each pilot
  2. Synthesize the roadmaps, and their impact on policy challenges per catchment area (flooding, saltwater intrusion, drought, etc)
  3. Identification of measures which have been in particular effective for dealing with specifcone or more policy challenges at local level, as well as barriers or potential from European level which impacted an effective implementation
  4. Development of recommendations for addressing the European barriers for implementing locally effienct measures

Province of Drenthe is responsible for Work package 7.