TOPSOIL aims to explore the possibilities for using the uppermost soil layers to solve present and future water challenges. However, implementing local measures is not enough. Strong governance is needed to help unify the different interests at different levels. We define water governance as the way the management of water resources is organized comprising all technical, organizational, legal, financial and political aspects, and the totality of interactions and collective actions taken by state and non-state actors.

The objectives of this WP are:

  1. To share knowledge on water governance models
  2. To develop a European governance assessment toolkit for Topsoil adaptation
  3. To develop regional roadmaps towards an optimal governance setting

The partnership will discuss existing governance models and will jointly define the specifications and functionality of the toolkit. Furthermore, the partnership will agree on the timeline and on the role of each partner in the development and testing of the toolkit. In addition, a Transnational Governance Team (TGT) will be set up with representatives from all . Based on an existing governance model for water management, the TGT will develop a European governance assessment toolkit for topsoil adaptation challenges.

Finally, the TGT will coordinate 6 transnational challenge workshops. The workshops will focus on the diagnosis of the governance setting in the region and will result in regional topsoil adaptation roadmap path towards optimal governance and management.

OOWV is responsible for Work package 6.