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Resilient soil and water resources,
understanding the water beneath your feet.



The pilot projects play an important role in providing the necessary evidence base, and provide an additional opportunity to interaction with the general public. The objectives of this WP are: to communicate the objectives, results, benefits and demonstration projects that are achieved and implemented to water managers across North Sea Region to facilitate the uptake of measures and interaction with the general public and stakeholders in the different pilot project areas.

For this, Topsoil invites key stakeholders with specific expertise take part to and contribute to transnational partner meetings and pilot activities, thematic workshops on project challenges, governance challenges and field trips to discuss pilot implementations (see also WP3). The Topsoil-message is spread via multiple 'tools', such as the webpage, social media, videos and press releases. Adressing issues relevant to adapted groundwater management, several transnational workshops were organized so far (and there will be plenty more) to inform and involve stakeholders from local and regional to European level.

Flanders Environment Agency is responsible for Work package 2.

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