Apart from implementing solutions that have a direct and permanent impact on water challenges in the uppermost soil layers, TOPSOIL specifically wants to empower water managers across North Sea Region with the knowledge and expertise that has been built up by the transnational exchange between the project partners.

The pilot projects play an important role in providing the necessary evidence base, and provide an additional opportunity to interaction with the general public. The objectives of this WP are: to communicate the objectives, results, benefits and demonstration projects that are achieved and implemented to water managers across North Sea Region to facilitate the uptake of measures and interaction with the general public and stakeholders in the different pilot project areas.

To do so, a permanent transnational stakeholder Board (TSB) will be set up across NSR to show the relevance and potential of topsoil measures. This will be supported by the TPR and TRT. The workpackage leader will from the project begining setup a communication plan descriing how the communication is carried out in the pilots and across the project. Tools like videos, social medias, web pages and press releases. During the lifetime of the project, the focus of the communication will change from project-oriented (aim, objectives) to results-oriented. To contribute to the dissemination of the project’s results to an EU-wide audience, two international conferences will be organized during the lifetime of the project.

Flanders Environment Agency is responsible for Work package 2.