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Resilient soil and water resources,
understanding the water beneath your feet.


NL 3: GeoTOP

Responsible beneficiary: Province of Drenthe

The aim of the project is to get a better understanding of the effect of climate change to groundwater on a local scale. Because of the heterogeneous soil in Drenthe with less permeable layers just below the surface the impact of drought and heavy rain can differ from area to area. This will have an impact on both water quantity as on water quality.

The objectives are:

• 3D model of the upper 30 meters containing the geological characteristics.

• Parameterisation of physical and chemical properties, resulting in a reliable estimation of the spatial variability of these properties.

• Investigate possibilities to get more detail into the model using transnational knowledge and implement in pilot areas.

• Use the information to improve existing groundwater models.

• Translate the gained knowledge of the subsoil in new management interventions to be prepared on climate change

• Establish common language and understanding between the scientific society and end users/stakeholders.


Stakeholders: water companies, regional Water Authorities, province, municipalities, farmers association.