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Resilient soil and water resources,
understanding the water beneath your feet.


NL 1: Measures to deal with increased water shortage in the Drentsche Aa/Assessing the water quality in the Drentsche Aa and Hunze

Responsible beneficiary: WBHA

The aim of the project is get a better balance in the use and need of groundwater between farmers and nature in the context of climate change. Project will contain three different pilot areas.

• Drentsche Aa with combination of agricultural use and nature

• Dwarsdiep with mostly agricultural use

• Coast agricultural use in fresh water salinization problems

Due to climate change nature and the agriculture will face more frequent extreme drought periods. In order to cope with the increasing droughts farmers asked for possibilities to irrigate from groundwater. But that will have an impact on nature or along the coast on the salinization.


The objectives are:

• Groundwater model study to determine required buffer zones around nature areas with water depended nature types (Drentsche Aa)

• Groundwater model study to determine the effect on the river flow (including effect of drought measures on increased risk of flooding)

• Determine effective measures to mitigate effect of climate change on nature and agriculture.

• Find combinations of mitigating measures for both agriculture and nature

• Create support from stakeholder organizations of nature and agriculture

• Implement some measures in pilots.


Coast pilot:

• Field measurements to find local small scale fresh water bells

• Conceptual and/or mathematical models to investigate the fresh water resource capacities

◦ a. Map of local fresh water bells

◦ b. Hydrological models to quantify the fresh water resource capacities

• Collection of information about techniques to improve the fresh water resource capacities

◦ a. Irrigation possibilities from small natural fresh water bells in low lying coastal zones.

• Some pilots with water extraction for small scale irrigation of seed potatoes and/or legumes


Stakeholders: nature conservation organisations, farmers, drinking water companies, regional Water Authority Hunze en Aa's, Provincie Drenthe, Provincie Groningen.



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