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Resilient soil and water resources,
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DK 1: High groundwater table in a Danish town – challenges and opportunities in a climate adaptation perspective

Responsible beneficiary: Herning Municipality/Central Denmark Region

The aim of this pilot is to better understand the challenges connected to a strong control of the groundwater table. The town of Sunds is placed in a flat sandy agricultural area. The groundwater table in the town and the surrounding agricultural area is very close to the surface and reacts very fast to increasing rainfall. Due to renovation of sewage pipes and extra precipitation in future climate the area is likely to be flooded by upcoming groundwater.

The quality of the surplus water differs. In some area the quality is of high standards while in others the quality of the water is poor due to pollutants. Handling the climate adaptation due to groundwater flooding will be investigated by new methods and by introducing knowledge from other partner countries with expertise within this field. If possible pilot interventions will be established, tested and introduced to the relevant stakeholders.

The objectives are:

• Compile existing data on surface water flow and quality, groundwater level and quality, polluted sites a.s.o.

• Map surface and uppermost 30 m subsurface using different geological and geophysical methods partly developed within the project.

• Investigate sensitivity to change in groundwater level.

• Establish a detailed groundwater model with special focus on management of groundwater level and sensitivity of streamflow to changes in groundwater head.

• Identify alternative use for the surplus water in the area (Irrigation, cooling etc)

• Collect and imply transnational knowledge about groundwater level management (NL, D, B)

• Establish common language and understanding between the scientific society and end users/stakeholders.

• Investigate/establish (if possible) physical pilot sites for management of groundwater level and irrigation extraction from uppermost groundwater (to create room for storage of winter precipitation).

• Propose and implement alternative management interventions in the area.


Stakeholders are municipality, Water company, farmers and farmers association, Region.


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