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tTEM in Drenthe

20 January 2022 - Published by Jens Uvijn

As part of the Topsoil pilot, the tTEM team visited Drenthe to carry out 3D geophysical and geological mapping in the Drentsche Aa area.

Partners from the Province of Drenthe joined the team during their fieldwork in the Anloo area to witness the process. Rinke van Veen, Policy Advisor described the technological aspects: “The tTEM (towed Transient Electromagnetic Method) is used to provide full mapping of the subsurface, reaching a maximum depth of 50 – 100 m and at a driving speed of 15 – 20 km per hour. An electric magnetic field is introduced in the ground which then decays. The rate of the decay depends on the resistivity of the soil.”

Colleague Leo de Vree has captured the tTem process in a short video produced after their visit to  Drenthe. He adds: “We’re excited to see the first results visualized.  This information will be greatly beneficial to us as a more complete understanding of the ground beneath us will help us develop improved policy for the future.”

You can watch the video report here.