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Topsoil partners meet in Bruges

09 October 2017 - Published by Jens Uvijn
From the 27th of september till the 29th of september 2017, the third consortium group meeting of the Topsoil project was organized in the historical surroundings of the city of Bruges.

The 24 partner organizations of the TOPSOIL project, who are investigating how the top layer of the soil can provide solutions to water issues such as drought and the salinization of freshwater reservoirs, met in Bruges for their third consortium group meeting.

Besides a general part where project management and work package updates were discussed, also parallel workshops were organized. The workshops in Bruges aimed at finding solutions to groundwater flooding and finding a way to translate field measurements into groundwater modeling. During a field visit to the Zwin, the applicability of geophysical data and the relationship between salinization, level management and agriculture was discussed.

You can find the summary of the workshop on finding solutions to groundwater flooding here.