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Topsoil impresses EU Politicians

29 March 2019 - Published by Jens Uvijn

At the most recent meeting in Brussels, the Topsoil partnership shared the latest progress update with members of the European Parliament. The project partners had the opportunity to inform - and impress -politicians with their approach to the negative effects of climate change on water, nature and agriculture.

Poster session

During a specially organized ‘poster’ session each of the partners used a self-designed visual aid to depict their pilot ‘in a nutshell’. During intense interactions with other guests and participants they could explain the challenges in more detail.  Pilots are tackling extremes in groundwater, salinization, drought and buffering solutions and also researching how to deal with the pollution of ground and surface water by nutrients and pesticides.


Getting a grip

It was clear that the results of TOPSOIL so far have proven to be very valuable when trying to get to grips with the challenges of climate change we are all facing.Elena Visnar-Malinovska, Head of the DG CLIMA Adaptation Unit, also emphasized the importance of soil management. According to Ms Visnar-Malinovska this is an extremely important factor and she advocated the introduction of a Soil Framework Directive, comparative to the Water Framework Directive.

Pictures: Leo Devree