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Tackling climate change effects on soil and groundwater

When: 23 October 2019
Where: Horsens, Denmark

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Resilient soil and water resources,
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Topsoil at the ICC Congress 2017

28 June 2017 - Published by Jens Uvijn
One of the TOPSOIL partners, Rinke van Veen from the province of Drenthe, was able to give a presentation at the 5th annual ICC Congres in Amsterdam.

The ICC (Informatie & Coördinatie Centrum) has been founded in the area of Schiphol (The Netherlands) by government agencies and organizations associated with the government. The overall goal of the ICC is to reliably obtain geo-information from and to properly use this information within the organizations and government agencies connected to the ICC.

Rinke van Veen from the province of Drenthe was able to give a presentation at the annual ICC congress about how the TOPSOIL project is using SKYTEM technology in Drenthe to look beneath the surface of the Drentshe AA, to provide information about the different surface layers.