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Stakeholder engagement in Noorderzijlvest

11 March 2019 - Published by Jens Uvijn

The water authority Noorderzijlvest, one of the three Dutch partners in Topsoil, has made a short film explaining what they are aiming to achieve within the framework of their pilot project in Dwarsdiep, and why.

According to Arne Roelevink, project manager, stakeholder engagement is key from start to finish. “Noorderzijlvest has worked intensively with local farmers from the very beginning and this hopefully results in mutual benefits in terms of the proposed measures. These are aimed to improve agricultural circumstances and meet the goals of the water authority on a regional scale.

The combination of stakeholder involvement and shared knowledge and experience has proven to be invaluable when implementing local and regional pilots.

Take a look at the film below to learn more about Noorderzijlvest’s Topsoil pilot in the catchment area of Dwarsdiep.