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Proud to present: our final report!

15 July 2020 - Published by Jens Uvijn

After 4 years,  we have learnt a great deal about the challenges faced in groundwater management resulting from climate change. As a result of the pilot studies, we gained tremendous knowledge, which in turn led to new management plans. For each of the pilots, steps have been identified to deal with the increasing need for adaptation, tailored to the specific management questions and existing knowledge gaps

 The pilots addressed current pressures - both on the upper subsurface levels, on groundwater and on surface water. TOPSOIL pilots have shown that climate change adaptation and sustainable groundwater management requires a stronger cohesion between land management and water management. We believe that by making the interaction between soil, groundwater and surface water more visible, climate change adaptation should become more efficient.

Meanwhile TOPSOIL has not finished yet. It has been decided that the project will be extended till the end of 2021. In the extension we will provide support to local and regional groundwater managers to respond better to the need for balancing seasonal changes in groundwater availability and quality. We will also capitalize the benefits of all our results and further develop those relevant to local and regional groundwater management stakeholders.

With this report we aim to spread the message further, share our approach and our insights and highlight the urgent needs for adaptation.