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Lena Düpont kicks off our TOPSOIL Policy Week!

13 December 2021 - Published by Jens Uvijn

During the EU Policy Week, from 13th – 17th December, extra emphasis is being placed on disseminating the TOPSOIL message amongst policy makers. With the cooperation of key stakeholders, politicians and decision makers, the TOPSOIL project has produced a series of short videos to underline the importance of the collaboration and the relevance of TOPSOIL results to the European context.

European Parliament Member for Lower Saxony

Lena Düpont, Member of the European Parliament (EP) for Lower Saxony (Germany) kicks off with her personal perspective. As an EP representative of the Lower Saxony region for Agriculture , she recognizes not just the beauty of the environment but also the issues in the area in terms of groundwater management. Politically, there is a resolute focus on this topic in terms of resource management, effective water use and resolving conflicts. 

Data collection in Uelzen

The TOPSOIL project in Uelzen forms an important part of Ms. Dupont’s political work in the region. “The data being collected there provides essential information for us, as policiticans, to make informed decisions, together with the water boards and farmers”, she explains.  “Challenges regarding irrigation, distribution, extraction and groundwater protection are increasingly relevant, as we’ve witnessed in the past couple of years. Measurements taken and those still planned will contribute towards the decision-making process and support effective groundwater management.”

 Watch the full video below